Paper Cuts: A Pause Between Tracks

A point between sessions in which consequences unfold and opportunities present themselves.

Gangland Deaths Escalate

The number of deaths in the city has risen sharply over the last week. Reports of violent brawls and stabbings in the riverside area have coincided with an increase in the number of suicides. All the dead are said to belong to the Bournville gang. While the chief constable has said that he and his officers are investigating the matter, the Herald can't help but notice that it is without much enthusiasm.

The York Herald 21/10/05

Mask: the Hidden Killer

There is a new drug on the club scene. Lysomethaden or Mask, as it is known on the street, has claimed another victim in North Yorkshire. Tim Taylor (21) died after taking the drug at a party in Thirsk on Friday night. With its short, but powerful high, the drug has been likened to Heroin but there are reports that given the correct dose, the drug also induces hallucinations. Its popularity is likely to increase given the difficulty posed in detecting its presence chemically and by the behaviour of those under it's influence. Police warn the public that it is highly dangerous and urge clubbers to reconsider any thoughts of taking it. Tim Taylor's death brings the total to die from Mask to 90 in the last month.

The York Herald 22/10/05

Pandora to Close

The well known York nightclub The Pandora is due to close tonight as it is sold to new owners. The current owner, Danniel Naturan, has said that he wishes to emigrate back to South Africa. It is reported that the owners of The Blue Sword may be the buyers.

The York Herald 25/10/05

Pandora's Box to Reopen

Having closed but a scant three days ago the night club Pandora is to reopen under new management. The McCullough and Scott partnership has spent considerable money to have the place refurbished and rebranded in time for it's grand Halloween weekend reopening. When asked about the dedication of their contractors Alfred Scott told the Herald. "It's great to know that we can get this turned round in time to hold such a great event on the 29th of October." The club has been renamed Pandora's Box and will open on Halloween Weekend with a Fancy Dress night.

The York Herald 28/10/05