That Old Black Magic

Session one, in which gang warfare and zombies plague The Blue Sword.

The Blue Sword is a jazz bar in the centre of York frequented by or worked at by the characters. It was a normal Saturday night at the club, Marcus received, by a somewhat unusual delivery method, an interesting business proposal but that was it, until the first shot was heard. The band played up over the second shot.

Michael discovered in the back alleyway two male bodies locked in an embrace. One of the club's regulars was already in the alleyway and informed the surprised Michael that they were dead - shot dead. Naturally the police were phoned and the Boys in Blue made life hell for our club owners by generally not being discrete.

After a night of statement giving and trying to keep the truth from the clients the whole thing was scuppered by the morning news, which was broadcasting most of the information. Marcus went to the club to find it had been despoiled by a group of homophobic individuals.

The biggest problem arose when one of the security operatives, Bob Challenger, was killed only the following night in the street. That was unfortunate. Michael and Philip began to investigate the gangs active in York for some clues. The two bodies bore the tattoo associated with The Minster Runners. After a trip to the St. George Michael and Philip had to return to the Sword to help Marcus look after a particularly interesting party arranged by Mr. Jonathan Strange.

The party was a private function and brought a great deal of strangely dressed people to The Blue Sword. What was worse, from Marcus' point of view was that the CCTV in the bar appeared to be acting up and then failed for the night. However the guests seemed to enjoy the evening and the team received a substantial tip. It was at closing time that a figure was seen watching the team lock up. The more observant people noticed that it looked like Bob. Despite a brave attempt to catch him the figure escaped.

Michael indulged in a little breaking and entering and discovered the Bob was linked to The Minster Runners, and probably not all that he seemed. Following up on the evidence gathered by Michael, Marcus consulted Josh on matters relating to zombies.

The following night saw similar events unraveling, but this time Philip caught up, not with the believed Bob but a couple of gangbangers with Baseball bats. Philip wisely turned and ran bringing trouble once more to The Sword. A brief fistfight/baseball bat attack resulted in two gangbangers being interrogated by Michael. Neither would give any information even under duress.

A return trip to Bob's followed and the team met up with the truth. Bob had been restored to a half-life by his Voodoo cultist girlfriend Marisa. A fight followed and guns were fired, an alter was smashed, and a certain priestess was knocked unconscious by her own ceremonial chalice. Our team left before the police arrived.

The full horror of what they had seen set in and the rest of the night was passed in an alcoholic stupor. At first light Marcus took the chalice, which bore all the hallmarks of western sorcery despite its obvious use in Voodoo ritual, to Josh in the hope that he could provide a clue as to what the cultists might be up to. For some reason, Marcus couldn't remember anything about Zombies or chalices by the time he left the bookstore, and felt a great deal better for it.

Michael and Philip went to Pandora to talk about the rivalry between the two gangs and accidentally got the Sword tied up in a protection racket. Marcus was not impressed.

That night Michael had a conversation with Josh and found himself forgetting about Voodoo. Philip realised that the best solution for piece for the club was to give Marisa her chalice back and let her deal with the Bournville's as she had planned. Josh consented and returned the Chalice to Philip.

With the chalice returned the session came to a close. As for what happens to The Blue Sword's staff and patrons? Well, you'll just have to read on.