Dramatis persona

People and other Beings who can be found in York By Night


Marcus McCullough

Part owner of The Blue Sword Jazz Bar and socialite.

Played by David

Michael Timothy Henderson

Head of security at The Blue Sword. A troubled ex-soldier.

Played by Simon.

Philip Dogin

RPG/Comic-book store worker, military memorabilia nut.

Played by Adam.

Philip Blalock

Mr. Blalock is an employee of Hoffman Associates, a legal firm that recently established an office in York.

Played by Jim

Sgt David O'Brien

Officer of the York Constabulary. A large, burly and unpleasant individual.

Josiah 'Josh' Baum

Seller of Rare books. Occultist and religious expert. A regular patron of The Blue Sword.

Bill Thompson

The remaining original security operative at The Blue Sword. A twenty three year old Rugby player and bodybuilder. He fails to loom as his hight to width ratio is about right.

Mariea Trovalan

Known to some as 'Voodoo Bitch'. This attractive girl of African descent works at the St. George public house and was the Fiancée of the murdered Bob Challenger.

Jonathan Strange

A known recluse, the middle-aged Mr. Strange is known as an occultist in some circles and as a wealthy patron of the arts in most.

Jason "Jay" Millberger

Bar manager at "The Pandora's Box" nightclub Jay is a big guy with a good nature but rumours suggest he was at one point an active member of the street fighting fraternity.

Miss Louise Chamberlain

Noted York Socialite and patron of the Arts. Her parties are known both for their formal nature and for the alleged debauchery that occurs involving certain groups at them.

Alfred Scott

Marcus' busness partner and university friend. His fondness for the word "Great" earned him the nicknames "Alfred The Great" and "Great Scott".

Jonathan Moriarty

An accountant for Legal and General. There is some circumstantial evidence that suggests he has links with the drug dealer known as "Marv"


A supplier of drugs on to York's streets. He appears as a man dressed in black wearing a latex Ronald Reagan mask.

Edward Coward

A gentleman of substantial property in the city. Mr. Coward is the head of a small Biotechnology company "Helitech" and also involved in a property development consortium.

Grace Ward

The new female member of the security team at The Blue Sword. Grace is a lithe attractive girl with some considerable martial arts skill.


The Minster Runners

A small gang based out of the St. George public house. The Gang largely goes in for white supremacy more than anything concrete.

The Bournville Gang

An African gang largely that is based around former Terry's of York properties. This includes a converted riverside warehouse now a nightclub called Pandora

Commercial Organisations


A York based drug company specialising in mental conditions. The anti-depression department accidently created the street drug Lysomethaden.