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Kaleidoscopic Consequences

Consequences is an annual convention for freeform LARPS that takes place on the south coast of England. I’ve been aware of it for a few years, but haven’t been along until this year when the important factors of “Available holiday … Continue reading

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Conception 2016

My experiences with Conception have been slightly odd. I first went last year, and managed to spent the con suffering from a cold (which rather spoiled my ability to enjoy the event). This year, the con was split across two … Continue reading

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About a year ago I took part in the filming of some pre-recorded video segments for a freeform live roleplay game called 12Light30. The players are responsible for guiding a group of mercenaries who are trying to capture a terrorist … Continue reading

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DramaSystem in the Bundle of Holding

Last year I ran Heroes of the City more-or-less every day for a week in a campaign that spawned a 6000+ word actual play write up. Later this year, the group is getting back together to run Season 2 of … Continue reading

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EVE Online for Character Portraits

EVE Online, along with many other video game RPGs, has a rather nice tool for designing your own character image. You can tweak hair, features, clothes and lots of other details. With a Star Wars game coming up, I thought … Continue reading

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