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Section 31

Well, it’s official. We’re getting a show about Section 31. I’m not optimistic. Michelle Yeoh is great, but I’d rather see a show about Prime Georgiou than Mirror Georgiou. Shame they killed her off. Section 31 has provided some of … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi LARP in the UK

The UKLTA LARP events page has been updated for 2019. We’ve got all sorts of good stuff coming up, including Star Wars, Red Dwarf, our new Time Agency setting, and lots of High Frontier (featuring all that is good about … Continue reading

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Swords of the Serpentine

The playtest for Swords of the Serpentine is open, so I’ve dropped an application in with the intention of playing it with my regular group of Story Gamers. I loved what Kevin Kulp did with Timewatch and the blurb for … Continue reading

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Your determined adversary

John Finnemore’s latest blog post has given me a hankering to play Seventh Sea or some other game in which I can play a character who can pen polite but devastating letters to his political enemies. I also felt the … Continue reading

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I want to run some 4e

I’ve been quite critical of D&D 4 in the past, but as time has gone by I’ve grown to rather like it. (In part this is because I’ve mellowed and in part it is because WotC improved the game over … Continue reading

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