Dark Elf Dice

I discovered, today, that Q-workshop and Paizo have released some new dice.

They describe them as:

Q-workshop present dice set for the third part of series released by Paizo Publishing – Pathfinder Chronicles: Second Darkness. Dice in our new colour scheme – purple & silver – vividly reflect the devious nature of Dark Elves, their cunning, secrecy and

… but, for whatever reason, trail off.

I wonder how that sentence is supposed to end?

Having given it some thought, I suspect it should be: squinty eyes that are cursed to suffer reading spidery script in low light conditions. (I confess, I like to be able to read my dice).

Can you do better?

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One Response to Dark Elf Dice

  1. Lt. Cmdr. Jim says:

    That’s my problem with pretty much all Q-Workshop’s dice. They look nice, but they don’t really work *as dice*, which is a bit of an issue.

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