December 05, 2004

The Disappearance

In the setting of your choice, something or someone has disappeared and there is something weird about the way the disappearance occurred or where the missing item or person has disappeared to. How does it get weird?

-- Wednesday Weird #12: The Disappearance

Taking a setting of generic fantasy and inspiration from a number of sources, we get:

One of Our Shadows is Missing.

When I saw this title on Blog, Jvstin Style I immediately knew what it was going to be about. Shame I was entirely wrong! Still, I owe this idea in part to him.

Having shamelessly stolen this title I shall continue by stealing the seed of the idea from Faction Paradox - somebody has their shadow stolen.

Somebody, perhaps a player character, perhaps a friend of theirs, perhaps a VIP is attacked by a cloaked swordsman. Strangely, the swordman makes only a single slash with his saber and misses before fleeing into a crowd.

It isn't until later, away from the crowd, that somebody notices something is amiss. The victim casts no shadow.

Why was it stolen? Could somebody be planning a mystical rite that will harm the shadow's true owner? Is someone auctioning off the shadows of the influential? Will that barbarian general start accusing the shadowless victim of being a demon?

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